City of Kamloops
Kamloops & District Crime Stoppers will assist the City of Kamloops Bylaws enforcement unit. You can report any viloation or offences against any Bylaw that the City of Kamloops enforces. The anonymous information will be passed on to the Bylaws department for their investigation and follow up.

Thompson-Nicola Regional District
Thompson-Nicola Regional District Bylaws:
The role of the Bylaw Compliance Officer is to investigate and resolve breaches of Thompson-Nicola Regional District bylaws. When owners fail to resolve bylaw infractions voluntarily, enforcement action may be taken including bylaw ticketing and Supreme Court Injunction where necessary.

Conservation Office
The Conservation Officer Service is a public safety provider focussed on natural resource law enforcement and human wildlife conflicts prevention and response.

Fire Department
Report any suspicious fires in the City of Kamloops.

BC Forestry Services
The Forest and Range Practices Act and its regulations govern the activities of forest and range licensees in B.C. The statute sets the requirements for planning, road building, logging, reforestation, and grazing.

Federal Fisheries
Canada’s fisheries and oceans have played and continue to play an important historic, economic, and cultural role in Canada’s development and growth as a nation. Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) has the lead federal role in managing Canada’s fisheries and safeguarding its waters.

Report any offences towards livestock that may include cattle, horses, sheep hogs. This could be cattle on the range or livestock kept in a control farming area.

Insurance Agencies
Any offence towards ICBC or private insurance agencies that could included, Frauds, thefts.

Report Human Traffickers, help free someone who may be caught up in the Human Trafficking web. Report any illegal immigrants living in Canada.

Bars & Restaurants
Liquor Act:
Liquor violations in Bars, Restaurants or selling liquor illegally.

Other Agencies
Literally any offence that can report to an enforcement agency.


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