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Crime Stoppers is a completely anonymous program and we are not attached to the RCMP in any way. We work in association with the public, the media, and the police to solve crime and make Kamloops and District a safer place to live. Remember, we want your information and not your name!

The Kamloops Program is regionalized so we take Tips for 14 other communities including Revelstoke, Valemount, Clearwater, Barriere, 100 Mile House, Clinton, Cache Creek, Ashcroft, Lytton, Logan Lake, Chase, Kamloops Rural and Merritt. Many people have come to trust our organization 100% and they do not hesitate to share criminal information with us. They do so with a guarantee of complete anonymity and if they wish, they are also entitled to a good reward depending on an arrest and the seriousness of the matter. So please make a difference and do the right thing! Don’t wait – make the call to 1-800-222-8477

What Does It Cost?
Crime Stoppers is cost effective! It is supported by the City of Kamloops and the T.N.R.D. through a Grant system, individual donations, service club donations, corporate funding for insurance and fuel costs, but mostly through the efforts of volunteers who raise money every year through a Car Raffle. When you see our car raffle volunteers and our raffle car – our tickets have remained at $5.00 for the past 15 years, so do your part and help us raise money to pay for Tip information.

Crime Stoppers requires substantial public support. We therefore solicit your contributions and if you would care to volunteer your time to fund raising events, it would be most appreciated. If you are interested please call the Crime Stopper’s office and speak with Sue or Mark at 250-828-3175

How Does It Work?
A Board of Directors composed of involved citizens establish policy, raise funds and oversee award payments.

This Non-Profit organization is funded by tax exempt contributions from citizens, businesses and service groups.

Unsolved Crimes appear as “Crime of the Week” on our website and daily on NL Radio. we also feature the Mugshot Program on Tuesday on the website, CFJC TV Evening news and our Facebook page. In some cases, TV-7 CFJC will include a re-enactment of an unsolved crime. These featured crimes carry with them a cash award for information that leads to an arrest. Your anonymity is absolutely guaranteed! The media’s involvement to sensitize the public to crime has proven extremely successful here in Kamloops.

Tipsters call a special CRIME STOPPERS telephone number 1-800-222-8477 that features no *69 or caller display functions, so calls cannot be identified or traced at any time. Calls are processed by specially trained personnel, who issue code numbers to Tipsters to ensure ANONYMITY.

CRIME STOPPERS will also pay cash awards for information leading to an arrest in connection with any other serious crimes in the Kamloops area, TNRD district or anywhere else in Canada or the U.S.A. The Board of Directors will determine the amount to be paid and arrange for that payment to take place ANONYMOUSLY. Payment is made in cash and we can also arrange full payment “anywhere” in North America!

What Is It?
CRIME STOPPERS is a proven, effective community service program combining the efforts of THE POLICE, THE MEDIA AND THE PUBLIC in solving crime. Because it is completely anonymous, no one will ever know you called Crime Stoppers, you never have to be a witness in Court, and you will never suffer alienation from friends for turning in a criminal. You’ll just have the award and the satisfaction of knowing you did something positive for the community you live in. You may even have prevented another crime in the future! Crime Stoppers is the greatest crime fighter since the advent of fingerprints and even D.N.A. It counteracts the fear and apathy that make the public reluctant to fight crime:

By offering cash rewards for information leading to an arrest or the solution of a crime.

By offering ANONYMITY to people who provide information to solve any crime in the Kamloops region.

Who Benefits?

The Community
Citizens become involved in policing their community and make a strong contribution in solving crime. They feel a sense of ownership and participation in making their community a safer place to live.

The Police
Increasing crime produces the need for innovation and effective programs which generate information on criminal activity a necessity.

The Media
Better Police / Media / Community relations will result!

Everyone Benefits Except The Criminal!

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