Prevention Tips

prevention2The Pigeon Drop
This scheme accounts for more than half of the confidence games reported to the police. The swindlers claim to have found a large sum of money and offer to share it with you. You are asked to withdraw “good faith” money from your bank. The swindlers take the “good faith” money and give you a phoney address where you are to collect your share of the found money. You never see them again.

TIP: Never turn over large sums of cash to anyone, especially a stranger, no matter how promising the deal looks. Report all suspicious offers to the police immediately, before the swindler leaves town in search of other victims.

prevention3Auto Theft Prevention
Be careful of your keys – Keep car keys and house keys on separate rings. Never have an identification tag on your car key ring – thieves may use it to locate your car. Never hide an extra car key under the hood.

TIP: Never leave cheque books, credit cards or other such articles unattended in your car. Lock valuables in the trunk. Park in well-lit and busy areas. Do not keep your registration paper inside your car. Keep a photo copy with the address blacked out.

prevention4Residential and Apartment Security
Co-operative community effort is society’s most effective tool in accomplishing objectives too large for the individual. In specialized areas as police work, we seek out skilled professionals and delegate a portion of the responsibility for our security to them.

It is important however, that we realize we still retain a “co-operative responsibility” in this area. We must, as individuals, do what we can, in a co-operative effort, to achieve and maintain the common objective of community security.

prevention6Neighbourhood Watch
Watch for more information on Neighbourhood Watch in the coming months. Neighbourhood Watch can and will prevent crime in your neighbourhood.



Protection for Senior Citizens
Criminals often regard older persons as easy targets for many kinds of crimes. Every elderly person should be aware of these crimes and how to prevent them.


prevention2 (1)Consumer Frauds
Beware of contests which require you put up money to win, even if there is a guarantee that you will be a winner.

TIP: Do not rush into something involving your money or property. Be wary of something-for-nothing or get-rich-quick schemes.


prevention3 (1)Auto Theft Prevention
Auto theft is a serious crime that affects the whole community. Higher insurance rates, property damage, injuries and loss of life from accidents are the result.

TIP: The majority of stolen cars were unlocked, often with the keys in the ignition. Whether you leave your car for a moment or for several hours, always lock it and take the keys with you. NEVER leave your vehicle with the engine running. This is an open invitation to the “joyrider.”

Are all entrances key controlled?
Is the building and parking lot well lit at night?
Do the suites have deadbolt locks and viewers?
Does the manager seem conscientious and reliable?
Do you feel comfortable when alone in the parking areas?
If renting, will the manager allow you to rekey the locks?

TIP: Treat the entire apartment complex as your responsibility. It’s your home! Do not use your first name on the intercom box. Do not leave notes on your door or the intercom buzzer panel. Burglars read too!

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