2015 TT-R110EOn November 28th, 2017, at approximately 2:10 pm, culprit(s) entered a garage located in the Rose Hill neighbourhood of Kamloops and made off with a 2015 TT-R110E and 2016 TT-R125LE Yamaha dirt bikes. These bikes were in excellent condition when they went missing as well it is noted that these bike would need ignition keys in order to use them.  It is believed that either the ignitions will be damaged or replaced in order for the culprits to use these bikes.  It is also believed that these bikes were a target as the culprit(s) who took them, knew exactly where they were kept and when the home owners would not be home. Somebody must have seen something as the bikes would have been loaded into a truck or someone would have had to push them to a different location. The owners of the bikes are devastated of this loss.  If you happen to have any information of this theft or seen something suspicious on this date and time in the Rose Hill neighbourhood, contact Crime Stoppers


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