Threats Made To Staff

17-08-09 (17-22484) ThreatsOn Sunday July 9th 2017 a male was caught shoplifting from one of the stores in the Northills Mall. This male was detained by the mall security staff. The suspect was being advised that he would not be allowed back into the Mall, he became verbally abusive to the Mall staff. This male continued his rant and threaten the life of the staff employee. The suspect must have realized that  the threats were being taken serious by the employee. The male then ran out of the Mall before he could be identified.

The police as well as the Mall staff want to identify this male, so he does not threaten anyone else. Once this suspect is identified he will be charged criminally for uttering threats to the Mall staff.

If you know this person, please contact Crime Stoppers, you may receive a cash reward upon the arrest of this suspect.

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