Thieves Hit A New Low

17-05-31 (17-10758) Theft of PlaquesThe Police and the City of Kamloops need your help in recovering stolen Commemorative Plaques that had been taken throughout the City. These plaques are made of copper and bronze  and no doubt are being taken from the value of the metal. It would hard to believe that any lawful metal recycler would take any of these plaques for scrap metal. It is a possibility these were more organized Criminals who took the items from Kamloops and have taken the plaques to another community. There is even a suggestion that these plaques could have been shipped overseas with other scrap metal. One of the plaques taken was from the Memorial arena on Victoria St. and was dedicate to the citizens that gave their lives in World War 2. This theft took place on sometime in the early morning of Thursday April 13th 2017, the plaque was on the front of the arena.  Victoria Street is a busy street day or night and someone may have seen something suspicious at the arena.

If you have any information on these thefts or know the whereabouts of the plaques, please contact Crime Stoppers, you will never have to go to court or give a statement.

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