Theft from an Electronics store

17-05-17 (17-13229) ShoplifterThis thief is in for a surprise, when he finds out he has been caught on the store’s security camera system. This male entered an electronics store in the North Hills Mall on Wednesday May 3rd 2017 this suspect took his time looking around the store. When the staff were busy, he grabbed a couple of items and walked out of the store without making any attempt to pay for the items. This suspect can not be that smart as to steal from a store that sells video security systems to other retail stores and private residences. If you go to our Web site there are more photos of this suspect from different cameras inside of the store. The male is described as Caucasian. late 30’s, short dark hair with the tips of his hair dyed blonde and has tattoos on both hands

If you know this person, please contact Crime Stoppers, only your 17-05-17 (17-13229) Theft # 2information will be used never your name.

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