Suspect Steals From A Downtown Business


17-01-18 (17-983) ShoplifterThis suspect had a plan when he entered into a downtown business on Wednesday January 11th, 2017. The suspect waited until the front counter staff was busy and went through the business to two back offices out of sight of the store employees and other customers. This suspect searched the offices very quickly but had time to grab a laptop, a projector, a purse and some NHL memorabilia, stuffed the items into a backpack and fled the store. A staff member thought something was wrong when this suspect left so quickly, the staff went to the office and found the items were missing. A review of the surveillance camera showed this suspect in the business. The police would like to know who this person is.
If you know who this suspect is, please contact Crime Stoppers, only your information will be used, never your name.

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