Fraud Suspects

17-10-10 (17-9616) Fraud SuspectsOn Monday April 3rd,  2017 these two males went on a spending spree with someone else’s Credit Cards. Some how the two suspects ended up with 3 replacement Credit Cards that where is some else’s name, this a clear case of Identity Theft.  These suspects went to a number of stores throughout Kamloops and used the Credit Cards for a total of $17,000 worth of merchandise. One of the stores, once they realized the Credit Cards were used falsely. They did a 17-05-10 (17-9616) 2review of the security tapes and found the suspects in the store that they had used the one of the Credit Cards. Both of these suspects are Caucasian males, mid 20’s slim builds, and short dark hair, the first male has a thin beard on his jaw line and was wearing black and white Nike shirt and a ball cap on backwards. The second male had a grey T shirt on, with a heavy gold chain around his neck and was carrying a silver coloured shoulder bag.

If you have any information about this fraud or know who these suspects are, please contact Crime Stoppers, you will never have to go to court or give a statement.



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