On October 20th, 2017 a wallet was stolen out of vehicle located in the downtown area of Kamloops. Later on the credit card from the stolen wallet was used at a convenience store and other stores in the Aberdeen Mall. A female and male went on a shopping spree, buying clothing and other items.  Surveillance photos show a male and a female using the card. Descriptions: Female: Caucasian, 5′, larger build, large tattoo on her chest. Male: Caucasian wears glasses, dirty blond scruffy hair, 40ish, large bird tattoo on his neck. These two have specific identifying markers on their tattoos so someone must know who these two culprits are. This act has caused much grief to the owner as they have lost and have to replace their identification cards as well as the feeling of being violated from their privacy.

If you have any information on these suspects, contact Crime Stoppers.  Remember we don’t want your name, just your information2017-11-01 CC theft 2017-11-01 cc THEFT2

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