Almost Got Away With It

17-09-06 (17-29191) theftOn Thursday August 24th 2017, this suspect had a plan to steal a Laptop from a Kiosk that was in the middle of the Aberdeen Mall. The Mall did all the right security procedures by chaining the Laptop to the Kiosk. This suspect must have seen the chain a brought back of some type of cutters to get through the chain. The business owner and security staff for the mall, had seen this male around the kiosk earlier. They have identified this male as the suspect that took the HP Laptop computer. This thief should be easy to identify; Caucasian, early 30’s muscular build, short hair, with a large tattoo right side of his chest going down his shoulder. Beware that buying stolen property is a criminal offence. If it sounds like a good deal, make sure there are receipts or something to prove ownership, otherwise it could be stolen.

If you know this person, please contact Crime Stoppers, you may receive a cash reward upon the arrest of this suspect.

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